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In the beginning...  
09:29am 17/07/2010
So, after, more or less, 10 years together (including before marriage), my wife and I have separated.  In the month since she's moved out, her behavior has lead me to declare myself single.  This was actually the first decision I got to make in the entire event, and its an important one.  Changing that perspective puts me in a position to rebuild my life (I have none, really) and become the person I want to be.
This will be my story.
Some of this will sound like (and probably be) venting and complaining, but I hope to mostly keep it to the stuff I do and changes I affect, and all that, and not as a "boy she's horrible" kind of thing (I promise nothing). 
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06:38am 18/07/2010 (UTC)
marie13: love that nose
My heart goes out to you.
And I'll say this: the worst of me comes out on these pages-I don't journal for others-I need it for my own sanity. If someone doesn't like it-well there's a button for that.
If you choose to re-friend me, I'd be glad to witness your next journey, but if not I'll understand. We are not exactly in a similar space. I'll let that decision be yours.
picword: love that nose
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10:29am 18/07/2010 (UTC)
Oh, I'll likely refriend anyone who ends up here. I really just moved to a new journal to make sure my ex, who may still be out there, wasn't likely to 'listen in'. I'm pretty sure the post I made on mole notes was hidden from her.
But, if it wasn't, and she ends up here, and something I say hurts her, she has only herself to blame.
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